Dam drama: Beaver’s aquatic antics wash out Livingston neighborhood road, prompting shelter in place

Residents stranded as a beaver’s engineering escapade turns a road into a river, leading to an unexpected shelter-in-place order in Livingston’s Crystal Lakes West.

The main access road of Crystal Lakes West, perched above a culvert, succumbed to the mischievous endeavors of a beaver during a torrential Tuesday night rainfall, prompting a mandatory shelter-in-place order.

The unsuspecting neighborhood, just off U.S. Highway 190 East, found itself facing an unusual challenge as a colossal chunk of its roadway vanished, courtesy of a beaver’s ambitious construction project.

As rain poured down on Tuesday night, a beaver den blocked a culvert. The ensuing flood, courtesy of the beaver’s handiwork, loosened the earth, culminating in the dramatic vanishing act of a chunk of the main access road.

Mitchell Murphy, on-site with a repair crew Wednesday, described the scene: “It cut the road completely in two.”

The Polk County Office of Emergency Management jumped into action, urging residents on the west side of the neighborhood to shelter in place until the road could be resurrected.

Despite the inconvenience, Murphy assured that the stranded residents are doing well. “They’re doing good. The Sheriff’s Department and some emergency management people have been there, checked on them, and done wellness checks. So far, so good.”

A dedicated crew had been tirelessly working on-site since midnight, determined to mend the fractured road. Murphy outlined the mission, “We’re hauling in dirt to fill up the hole, and we’ve got to get to the end of the culvert and clean it out. And hopefully at 2 or 3 o’clock, maybe we’ll have it fixed where folks can get back and forth.”

One can’t help but marvel at the unexpected drama caused by a beaver’s ambitious construction project. Turns out, beavers aren’t just dam architects; they’re road engineers too!

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