ASK 2: How long can I drive my car if the fuel light is on?⛽

Instead of just going with the old, “I know my car!” response, KPRC 2′s Justina Latimer got the REAL answer to this question.

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Ask 2: “How long can I drive my car if the fuel light is on?”

Justina’s answer: According to AAA, it is typically safe to drive 30-50 miles once your gas light turns on. But please keep in mind, if you often drive your car while it’s on E, you could face damage.

We reached out to Redline Autosports to get their take.

“We do not recommend it because if you do end up running out of gas, that is really when the damage can occur. You don’t want your fuel pump to suck air instead of fuel. You can overheat the fuel pump and shorten the life of different components of the car,” said Junior Bekdely, owner of Redline Autosports.

We recommend carving time out of your schedule to get gas and filling up when you hit a quarter tank.

About the Author:

Justina Latimer is a New York native raised in the suburbs of Baltimore. Before joining the KPRC 2 team, she was a fill-in anchor and multimedia journalist at WSMV-TV, the NBC affiliate in Nashville, TN.