Ask 2: ‘How can I report an uninspected, out-of-registration vehicle to Houston Police Department?’

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The question: “How can I report an uninspected, out-of-registration vehicle to the Houston Police Department? I’ve tried and they seem to be totally indifferent. Several of us in our condo complex grew tired of a “junker” pickup truck sitting for months on end, taking up a limited parking space on our crowded street. We called 3-1-1 and after multiple calls the parking enforcement folks came out and placed several warnings on the truck. The owner thumbed her nose at us and the law...

The answer: If the vehicle is parked in your community for long periods of time, you can take another route and contact your HOA. Law Enforcement Liaison, Katie Alexander says if needed they could make a private property tow. All drivers should also keep in mind, currently in the state of Texas a car may operate for up to five working days after the registration expires. Anything beyond that timeframe will result in a citation.

“What a lot of people are not aware of is coming in 2025 House bill 3297 takes away the requirements as far as that safety inspection goes. There are still 17 counties in the state of Texas that will still do emissions testing. Unfortunately, come 2025 a lot of folks are going to be able to drive vehicles like that,” Alexander explained.

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