610/69 Interchange Project moves closer to completion

HOUSTON – If you’ve traveled on the west side of town at some point you’ve probably run into a closure or two at the 610 West Loop/Southwest Freeway interchange. The good news is the road work won’t last forever.

This is the busiest interchange in not only the state of Texas but probably one of the busiest in the nation,” said Danny Perez, Public Information Officer with the Texas Department of Transportation.

It’s year five of the 610 West Loop/Southwest Freeway Interchange Project and we are making big progress heading into year six.

“We understand that people feel like its construction constantly going on but that is just because of the growth. We are trying to address that growth now.” Explained Perez.

So far, seven out of eight connector ramps have been completed. The most recent one to open was I-69 southbound to I-610.

If you are coming from downtown for example, going to Meyerland you will now have an option to get to those locations,” mentioned Perez.

With less than two months before the New Year, Perez says the project is moving along as expected.

“We still have to do some work on the I-610 main lane bridge that goes over I-69. We also have the final connector ramp which is going to be I-610 northbound to I-69 northbound,” Perez stated.

To get this work done, there will be more closures. But the good news is the project is expected to be completed summer of 2024.

We asked the public early on for their patience for this project. Six years is a long time. But we are getting close, and we are hoping to have everything opened,” said Perez.

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