Crimestoppers of Houston honors murder victims and their families on National Day of Remembrance

HOUSTON – On Sunday, Crimestoppers of Houston held its annual National Day of Remembrance event to honor the hundreds of Houstonians whose lives were taken by an act of violence.

“It’s hard to explain when you have to bury your child. I never knew I would be in this position because I saw it on TV,” Robert Dennis said.

Robert and Kara Dennis are still grieving the loss of their son Joshua Lazard. The 32-year-old was shot and killed over a parking spot last month.

“It’s like a whole part of your body was taken away from you. My son is my life. That’s what I lived for is my boys,” Dennis said.

The event displayed pictures of children, mothers, fathers, and loved ones who were taken too soon.

“We actually use to read off everybody’s names ages of those that were murdered during the year. We had to stop doing it this year because we would still be talking and reading names because it’s gotten that huge when you are dealing with over 600-650 names,” Andy Kahan with Crimestoppers of Houston said.

Laura Cano just wants to know who killed her son Eleazar Cantu Jr. in May of this year.

“My whole life has changed,” she said.

Many families want justice and say they are tired of the violence and violent offenders getting a bond after a serious crime.

“This is something that needs to stop. We as a culture need to come together and vote,” Dennis said.

There have been over 300 murders in Houston this year.

If you need to report an anonymous tip, call Crimestoppers at (713) 222-8477.

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