Comedian Mo Amer treats Alief ISD families with shopping spree after many of them lost everything in apartment fire

HOUSTON – It’s almost been a month since a fire destroyed several units at the Sedona Square Apartment on Court Glen Drive in Southwest Houston.

A well-known comedian who is now making it big in Hollywood stepped up to help families who were affected and treated them to a shopping spree!

It was all smiles for 19 Alief ISD families.

Comedian Mo Amer invited the families to the Academy and Sports on Highway 6 in Houston for a shopping spree.

“It felt really good. I was really excited to get whatever I want,” Jasmine Johnson said.

It was something the families needed after losing everything in an apartment fire on Aug. 15.

“We can get everything we lost and other things,” one resident said. “We thank you all.”

Christina Celestine made sure her grandchildren Jasmine and Jamie Johnson got what they needed.

“I’m just speechless. It’s all about treating people right,” she said. “I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Craig Eichhorn with Alief ISD says the families were excited.

“Oh, my goodness! They were here before I was. It’s good to see the smiles,” he said. “They have been through a lot. Losing everything in a fire. It doesn’t replace everything, but it replaces a lot and now they have clothes, shoes, and backpacks.”

Savannah Beene is Mo Amer’s assistant and says the comedian loves giving back.

“He prioritizes family, home, his hometown,” Beene said. “He’s proud to be a Houstonian, and he has such a heart for his community.”

“The fact that he reached out to us to give back says a lot about the kind of man that he is,” Eichhorn said.

Each student received $400 for clothes and shoes. They were elated about the opportunity and say it’s something they will never forget.

“Just simply getting clothes because [of] the things going on at the moment, I feel really grateful,” one student said.

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