Homeowner dealing with flooding issues blames city of Houston’s construction project

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HOUSTON – A disabled woman says she is fed up with the city of Houston and a never-ending project in her neighborhood.

Dorothy Hass said construction work to build sidewalks on Home Street in the Washington Corridor leads to flooding on her property every time it rains.

The work has been ongoing for several months.

“If you see a dirt road, that’s our street,” Hass said.

She said heavy rain from Saturday’s storms caused flooding and almost made it inside her home.

“All the water comes down and it flows over here. There used to be a drain here that connected to here,” she explained.

Hass said the problem has been going on since May and blames the city of Houston, which started work in the area. She even went to a city council meeting last month to express her frustration.

“In the middle of August, they told me it would be completed and to just be patient. I said, ‘be patient to flood?’” she said.

Hass said workers removed the drains along the street, which causes the flooding. She said the mess is a safety hazard and wonders what will happen if there is an emergency.

“The fire hydrants are at the front entrance because how is a fire truck going to get down here,” she said.

Dorothy just wants the problem fixed. With more rain in the forecast and hurricane season in full swing, she wants the city to step up and finish what it started.

“I hate living here now. It’s like no one cares,” she said.

KPRC 2 reached out to the city for a statement but has not heard back, however, Hass shared emails from the Office of Council Member Kamin, City of Houston, District C:

“As you know that Council Member Kamin and TOD are fully aware of the drainage issue and have been trying a lot to address the problem. You also know that work is also on the process. Our Deputy Chief of Staff is assigned to escalate your case and continuously follow up with the appropriate department to see how soon we can permanently resolve the issue”

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