Joanna Gaines is No. 1: Texas talent dominates list of most influential US interior designers

This image released by Magnolia Network shows Chip and Joanna Gaines from the sixth season of "Fixer Upper." Magnolia Network, a joint venture between the Gaines' and Discovery, Inc. will launch on July 15. (Lisa Petrole/Magnolia Network via AP) (Lisa Petrole, © 2020 Magnolia Discovery Ventures, LLC. All rights reserved.)

Interior designers from Texas are dominating the list of the most influential interior designers in the United States, a new study finds.

According to an analysis by Evolving Home, Texas’ Joanna and Chip Gaines, Shea McGee, and Bobby Berk rank first through fourth on the list, respectively.

According to a news release, Joanna and Chip have a combined Instagram following of 19 million that potentially earns the couple an average of nearly $50,000 per shared sponsored post.

Texas-born designer Shea McGee, the third most influential U.S. interior designer, has amassed an Instagram following of three million, coming from her New York Times best seller books, Target partnership and Netflix show “Dream Home Makeover.”

According to the release, McGee rakes in an average of nearly $9,000 per sponsored Instagram post.

The fourth and final Texan to make the list, Berk comes from the reality show “Queer Eye.”

According to the release, Berk has an Instagram following of 2.9 million and earns an average of nearly $8,000 per sponsored Instagram post.

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