Stronger Houston: Local church partners with United Way, Doordash to help feed those in need

United Way and Doordash and working to give back to those in need

HOUSTON – Every Monday at Brentwood Baptist Church on Landmark Street, a dozen or more volunteers flock to the parking lot.

“We are trying to feed God’s people, that’s what we are out here doing,” Lagwendolyn Hicks said.

The church works together to help feed those in need.

“As you can tell from the line, it’s a great need for food all over the city,” LaNet Dykes, President of Brentwood Baptist Church Food Pantry, said.

For 40 years, they’ve packed and processed millions of pounds of food, donated from the Houston Food Bank and church members.

“It helps a lot,” said Cathryn Rodriguez.

For Rodriguez, the wait is worth it. The line of cars leads to free food for her family.

“I used to come here with my sister-in-law because I didn’t have a car back then,” she said. “Now I have a car so I can come on my own.”

Many boxes are made up of the essentials like eggs, bread, meat and canned goods.

“Every time we open up the church, there are long lines where we can feed someone else’s family,” Hick said.

The program has now evolved into a partnership with United Way and Doordash.

Doordash Driver Darrell Williams had no idea this stop would lead to a good deed.

Williams said he enjoys delivering food to seniors who can’t easily leave their homes.

“I’m not that strong to be picking up boxes, so it helped a lot,” senior Maregie Taylor said.

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