Stronger Houston: Local attorney helps girls build self-confidence through mentorship program called ‘Girl Talk University’

The Houston area attorney started a mentorship program that helps build confidence in young women.

HOUSTON – A Houston area attorney just received a $10,000 grant from AT&T to continue helping young girls across the Houston area.

The non-profit is called “Girl Talk University,” and it’s making a huge difference in the way young girls feel about themselves and their futures.

Staci Childs is the CEO of Girl Talk University.

The program works to instill a positive self-image in young girls and women through mentorship.

“How you feel about yourself directly impacts the choices you make, the boys or girls you date, what college you go to, what jobs you choose,” explained Childs.

Childs, now a Houston defense attorney, was once a teacher. During that time, she noticed some young girls not raising their hands to answer questions in class.

“They wouldn’t feel confident enough to answer the question even though they had the right answers,” said Childs.

So, through Girl Talk University, Childs worked to help build young girls’ confidence.

Girl Talk University reaches girls all across the Houston area. The program also goes to middle schools, high schools and churches to share the message: Self-love, self-confidence and high self-esteem.

“Just letting them know we’ve been there and you can do it too,” said Delaina Hardges, Director of Operations of Girl Talk University.

“Just be yourself, that’s all we want, to be yourself,” said Tiamoya Greer, Director of Events of Girl Talk University.

Girls can join the program as young as eight years old.

“Ever since I met Staci and she became a lawyer, I thought it was really cool what she was doing,” said 12-year-old, Madison Matthews.

Childs said she will use the $10,000 grant from the AT&T Dream in Black Future contest to hire more staff.

If you are interested in becoming part of Girl Talk University, as a mentor or mentee, the program is always open.