Ask 2: How can I get my deposit back from my landlord?

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Question: How can I get my deposit back from my landlord? I have tried to get my deposit back from last year but my landlord refuses to return it.

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Answer: According to Texas Law Help, landlords have 30 days from the date a tenant moves out to return their security deposit.

Should a landlord withhold the security deposit of the tenant in order to repair damages left to the property, the tenant is entitled to a written, itemized list, Texas Law Help states.

Should the tenant disagree with their deposit being withheld, they can sue the landlord in small claims court, according to Texas Law Help.

Tenants interested in pursuing legal action should contact the Justice of the Peace court in the precinct where the property is located for instructions and forms.

For help with legal matters, contact Lone Star Legal for resources and assistance.

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