Ask 2: Can anyone hire a crew to block traffic or direct traffic flow?

KPRC 2 traffic expert Anavid Reyes has a look at what you need to know.

HOUSTONQuestion: Allison would like to know, “ a driver am I required to follow the instructions of someone who is being paid to act for someone else’s benefit, and can anybody hire a trained person (officer or not) to direct traffic the way they would like?”

Answer: Thanks for bringing this to my attention Allison, and great question!

We’ve seen this happen from time to time -- traffic control outside of churches and big events, but do you need to follow the traffic instructions?

According to the City of Houston, the answer is yes. In order to make any changes to traffic flow within any city limits (Houston or otherwise), a permit form must be submitted. The proper documentation detailing their traffic control plan of action and alternate route must be submitted and reviewed by traffic control engineers before approval. Once approved, drivers must follow the directed traffic flow around these private businesses.

What about traffic control around big sports events like the Astros, Rockets, and Texans? The answer is, again, yes. You’ll have to follow those instructions because the Houston Police Department works with the City of Houston on these events. That means drivers must abide by the traffic control put into place for these events.

People concerned about incorrectly blocking the right-of-way for traffic control to call 311.

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