Residents troubled by debris left in northwest Houston neighborhood

HOUSTON – A Houston man said he’s upset with trash and debris in his neighborhood.

“I just want to live in a clean community,” said Dana Blankenship, who lives near T C Jester Boulevard and West Tidwell Road.

He took us to a pile of debris off of Mansfield Street near Cebra Street, which included a mattress, tires, and even a toilet in the ditch.

“They tend to grow over the day,” Blankenship said about the piles.

He also alerted us to another batch of items on T C Jester near Tidwell, which is across the street from more mattresses.

Blankenship said he doesn’t know how any of this stuff got here but he’s trying to do his part.

“I pick up trash along Tidwell,” Blankenship said. “I just take the big trash can out there and put my gloves on.”

He’s also been in contact with his city council member’s office.

Houston’s Solid Waste Management Department said if you think something was dumped illegally, you should call 311 or Crime Stoppers.

The city said it has equipment and staff to clean up dumpsites as well as six depositories that city residents can use for free.

“We want to give some more voice to the problem,” Blankenship said.

On Friday evening, a woman on T C Jester said the items on the side of the road came from a broken RV and that she was there to clean up that location.

The city plans to send someone to that spot on Saturday to check it out.

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