‘Step in the right direction’: Family members relieved after ‘Citgo 6′ moved from prison to house arrest

VENEZULA – Two family members of the “Citgo 6″ found out late Friday that their loved ones are now on house arrest.

“I can’t overstate what a relief this is because of how difficult this has been for them -- physically and emotionally after how much they’ve suffered while being imprisoned all these years,” daughter of one of the Citgo 6, Gabriela Zambrano-Hill, aid.

They’ve been detained in Venezuela since 2017 after being accused of money laundering and embezzlement. The country’s foreign minister calling the decision to move the group of American refinery executives from prison to house arrest a goodwill gesture to honor the new White House’s agenda.

“I’m sure that psychologically and emotionally they are going to have a little time to breathe,” Zambrano-Hill said.

Zambrano-Hill’s father is Alirio Zambrano and her uncle is Jose Luis Zambrano. She said they are both being held together in a guarded apartment in the middle of Caracas.

“They have windows, which again sounds so small, but whenever you understand what they’ve been through, just having a glimpse of the outside world is incredible for them,” Zambrano-Hill said.

Their loved ones spent all weekend exchanging messages and calling one another to share the good news.

The transfer is seen by many as a sign of progress.

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