Ask 2: Is it illegal to hang items on your rearview mirror inside your vehicle?

Adjusting your rearview mirror (Riley & You)

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Question: Is it illegal in Texas to hang items in your rearview mirrror?

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Answer: Currently there is no law that specifies whether hanging items such as air fresheners, graduation tassels and chains around your rearview mirror.

However, according to Texas Transportation Code Sec. 547.613, local police can legally pull you over if the items on your windshield, including stickers, are obstructing your view of the road and pose a threat to other drivers.

Be sure any windshield stickers, such as registration stickers and toll tags are placed away from your view or behind the rearview mirror without obstructing your sight. Determine if any items you hang on your mirror does not pose a risk of an accident while driving.

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