Ever wonder where the University of Houston ‘Whose House’ chant came from? UH says it was started in the late 80s

HOUSTON – The “Whose House? Coog’s House!” chant can be heard at every University of Houston sporting event, but most don’t know that it dates back to 1988.

According to the University of Houston, the mantra was started during a football game by former Houston cheerleader Paul Pettit.

“That team was a great team, and I think it ended up ranked 18th in the nation that year,” Pettit said. “One of the big reasons is because we would go into someone else’s house and we’d win and we’d have lots of fans there supporting us, so it was a good chant to use.”

The chant energizes and unites the crowd which Pettit said gives him great pride.

“I’m just happy that it’s carried through and people really get excited about the chant. It’s really good for the University, the fan base, and our team because our team can hear it,” said Pettit.

Pettit graduated in 1990 but has remained a loyal and dedicated fan. He said he plans on being at the Final Four showdown to root on the Coogs on Saturday when they face the Baylor Bears.

“You’ll be hearing it (the chant) this weekend because I’ll be in the stands saying it for sure,” Pettit said.

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