Mother upset with school’s handling of alleged inappropriate messages to 11-year-old daughter

HOUSTON – An upset mother said she is worried every day her daughter attends YES Prep North Central campus.

She said she is frustrated with how the school handled the situation when a 19-year-old YES Prep male student contacted her 11-year-old daughter with inappropriate Instagram messages last week.

“It’s really frustrating because I feel like the school failed my daughter,” the mother said, whose identity has been concealed to protect her daughter. "There was enough evidence for the school to call the authorities.”

She said the male student asked her daughter if she wanted to be in a relationship. In other messages, the male student asked if her daughter could send naked photos, the mother said.

The mother said after reading the messages she immediately contacted the school. She said the school said the situation would be handled.

However, she said before long the male student was spotted back in school.

“About a week later, my daughter told me she ran into him at school again,” said the mother.

In a written statement Yes Prep said: “No parent should need to worry about the safety and wellness of their child. We take immediate actions to help keep students safe, and inappropriate social media messages sent to students on- or off-campus are immediately reported to authorities.”

Still, the mother said that is little comfort and believes more needs to be done.

“When you tell me you’re going to take action and you’re going do something about it, I’m thinking he’s going be expelled from the school," she said. “I want him out of that school. He shouldn’t be there.”

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