Recognize him? Police seeking more information on naked man seen prowling Kingwood neighborhood

HPD said the man allegedly snuck into one home, stealing a woman’s belongings

HOUSTON – Officials with the Houston Police Department are ratcheting up their investigation into a bizarre incident that took place in the Kingwood area at the beginning of August.

A naked man prowled one neighborhood for hours before finally sneaking into a home. Despite residents of the Hunters Ridge community blasting video of the man all over social media, no one has come forward to say they recognize him.

“While his face is covered, the rest of him is not -- so you would think that somebody would recognize him,” said a resident who asked not to be identified.

You can see a video of the man by playing the story above this article.

According to a search warrant filed by Houston police at the end of August, numerous surveillance cameras captured the man roaming the neighborhood for close to two hours during the pre-dawn hours of Aug. 4. Video shows the man is wearing a mask covering half his face.

“It is kind of unnerving that they haven’t caught him, the only thing that helps me sleep better at night is that we haven’t seen him again,” the neighbor said. “One of my neighbors said that another neighbor had a picture of him walking through her yard and he asked me to check my camera and I was shocked when I saw his full frontal nudity walking up to my door.”

The man tried several front doors to see if he could find one unlocked. The man eventually snuck into one home, although, police said, it is unclear how he got inside.

Police said the intruder stood next to the bed of a sleeping couple. The woman woke up and screamed, which woke up her boyfriend. The man chased the intruder out of the house and onto a heavily wooded greenbelt before losing track of him.

According to HPD’s search warrant, the intruder took the woman’s purse which contained her “checkbook, credit cards, debit card, car keys, driver’s license along with several other miscellaneous items.” Investigators said it appears the intruder also rummaged through the lingerie drawer of the woman’s adult daughter.

Later the same day a framed picture of the woman’s daughter taken from the home was found on a bench along the greenbelt where the man was chased.

Police are now trying to obtain cell phone data from the window of time the man was prowling the neighborhood. The man was seen carrying his phone in surveillance videos. According to the warrant, police are seeking an “anonymized list” of devices and if one of the devices on the list requires further investigation then a separate warrant will be filed.

“I make sure and do a double pass every night before I go to bed and make sure all my doors are locked and I’ve got Ring cameras inside and outside my house, I’ve added two more since,” the neighbor said.

Police also found DNA in the neighborhood that may belong to the man. Neighbors said he was seen “rubbing himself” against a car.

When we checked whether any results had come back on the DNA, HPD officials said not yet.

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