‘Clearly thought Beryl was fowl:’ Pigeons take cover outside East Texas store as Beryl moves inland

Pigeons huddle together outside Lufkin store as Beryl moves through (Lufkin Police Department)

LUFKIN, Texas – Houston wasn’t the only place in Texas that had to deal with Beryl’s wrath Monday.

After moving out of the Houston metro, Beryl moved into East Texas. Although it lost some of its strength as it moved inland, strong winds, heavy rains and tornadoes were reported in parts of East Texas and Northwest Louisiana.

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One place that had to deal with Beryl was the City of Lufkin and some of the native wildlife wasn’t having it.

The Lufkin Police Department shared photos taken by one of their officers of a group of pigeons taking cover near a store.

“These pigeons clearly thought Beryl was fowl,” the department posted on Facebook.

Beryl has since been downgraded to a tropical depression and will be moving toward the Midwest over the coming days.

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Christian Terry covered digital news in Tyler and Wichita Falls before returning to the Houston area where he grew up. He is passionate about weather and the outdoors and often spends his days off on the water fishing.

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