Houston’s severe weather threat: How to stay ahead of the storms with KPRC 2

HOUSTON – Houston faces a threat of severe weather overnight Wednesday into Thursday morning, as a strong line of storms moves through southeast Texas.

Wednesday morning, the severe threat increased to a level 2 on a scale of 5. The primary concern for Houston is damaging winds, but areas to our north could see an isolated tornado or some large hail.

From weather watches and warnings and hour-by-hour forecasts to road conditions and preparations you should make at your home or office, here’s how KPRC 2 can help.

Flood Tracker

KPRC has data on current flood conditions whenever you need it on Click2Houston.com/FloodTracker (KPRC 2 / Click2Houston.com)

KPRC 2 has partnered with the Harris County Flood Control District in order to even better serve our community during severe weather events.

Any time there’s significant rainfall in the Houston area, you can see exactly which neighborhoods are experiencing the greatest impact at Click2Houston.com/floodtracker.

Our expert meteorologists have flood gauge maps they use to illustrate current conditions. When all the gauges are green, we’re in great shape. When gauges start to change to yellow and red, water is rising. This is an easy, visual way to see when and where people and property are most at risk of flooding.


The official logo of the KPRC 2+ livestream (KPRC 2/Click2Houston.com)

KPRC 2+ is a free local news streaming app. It works the same way as watching Netflix or Hulu on your connected TV or smart phone.

When our weather turns severe, you can count on extended live coverage on the KPRC 2+ livestream. Even if your power or cable goes out, you can find us on the app.

Click here to download KPRC 2+ for iPhone or KPRC 2+ for Android.

Storm Tracker 2 app

StormTracker 2 (KPRC 2/ Click2Houston.com)

With powerful technology at their fingertips, the KPRC 2 Meteorologists are ALWAYS WATCHING, ALWAYS TRACKING.

To get severe weather alerts pinpointed where you live, download the Storm Tracker 2 app on your smartphone here: iPhone | Android.


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KPRC 2 meteorologists

You can also follow our KPRC 2 meteorologists on social media as they track severe weather moving through the Houston area.

Frank Billingsley

Justin Stapleton

Anthony Yanez

Caroline Brown

Daji Aswad

The KPRC 2 Storm Tracker Team will bring you live coverage throughout the storm threat Thursday.

And don’t forget, if you lose power due to storms, you can stream us on a smart phone or tablet through our free KPRC 2+ app on your connected TV or smart phone.

Our live coverage can also be streamed at www.click2houston.com/watchlive.

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