Masters jacket donated to resale shop near Montrose

Volunteer sifting through donations comes across green jacket

HOUSTON – The Guild Shop is a resale shop where all the profits go toward helping the elderly across Houston, so when volunteers found that iconic green jacket, they knew it would end up doing a lot of good for the Houston community.

At the Guild Shop near Montrose, a volunteer was sifting through donations when she came across a green jacket.

"We have from high-end down to, you know, outfits that are $1," Gaye Jackson said. "And she immediately thought, 'This is sort of interesting. I think this might be something.'"

Turns out it's the green jacket worn by champion golfers at the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia.

"Getting to be able to see and touch, you know, not just what's on TV when the Masters is won and they put the jacket on the golfer, it's really exciting for anybody," Jackson said.

Made in the 1960s, the jacket once belonged to a member of Augusta National, whose family recently donated it.

"You know, this is such a rare thing because most of the time these jackets stay within a family," Jackson said.

Every detail, down to the gold buttons, makes it a prized possession.

"The last time there was a green jacket for sale at an auction, it went for $18,000," Jackson said.

The jacket now has a chance to help Houston's community in a way nobody would have expected.

"When we go through a box or we go through clothing, you never know what you're going to find," Jackson said.

The Guild Shop is still trying to figure out how it plans to sell the jacket. Currently, it's looking at possibly putting it up for auction on a website that has sold green jackets in the past.