Exciting changes ahead: KPRC 2 unveiling spectacular new studio set on Monday

KPRC 2′s studio upgrade: A dazzling studio set debut is coming soon to a screen near you

Behind this door lies the magic! Join us at 6 p.m. on Monday as we swing it open to unveil the all-new, dazzling Studio A set at KPRC 2. (KPRC 2)

HOUSTON – Lights, camera, construction chaos! ✨🎥👷‍♀️ Brace yourselves, dear viewers, as KPRC 2 has unleashed a visual extravaganza with the debut of our dazzling new studio set Monday evening.

Now, we know you’ve been waiting for these on-screen alterations, and we’re here to spill the beans. 🫘 Behind the scenes, the creative wizards at KPRC 2 have conjured up pure magic 🪄 —a brand-spanking new set that’s about to steal the show!

The countdown is over for a grand unveiling that promises to be nothing short of spectacular! 🌟✨

Our brand-new studio by the numbers

Hold onto your remotes, because we’ve got some juicy tidbits about KPRC 2′s swanky new studio set that will make your inner tech geek do a happy dance! Here’s the inside scoop on the high-tech wonders awaiting you:

  • Size matters: The set spans a cool 70 feet in width and 25 feet in depth, providing ample space for all the on-screen magic. It’s not just big; it’s grand!
  • LED wonderland: Brace yourself for a spectacle of LED goodness. The Big Feature LED Wall steals the spotlight at 27.5 feet wide and 7.75 feet tall, while the Cube Wall LED and Slab LED bring their own flair at 19.68 feet wide x 6.64 feet tall and 3.93 feet wide x 8.83 feet tall, respectively.
  • Weather center extravaganza: The Weather Center is no less impressive, with a setup featuring nine curved 55″ displays and a giant 100″ interactive touchscreen monitor. It’s where meteorology meets high-tech wizardry.
  • Interactive playground: A 65″ interactive touchscreen monitor can switch between portrait and landscape modes, adding an interactive twist to the storytelling experience.
  • Pixel powerhouse: Drumroll, please! With a mind-boggling total of 17,224,704 pixels spread across the displays, the set is a pixel powerhouse ready to showcase graphics and videos in stunning detail.
  • Chameleon backdrops: The set is not just about pixels; it’s about ambiance. LED backdrops can change colors, bringing sunrise vibes in the morning and creating a nighttime allure. It’s like having your own personal lighting designer.
  • Desk on the move: The desk isn’t just a piece of furniture; it’s mobile! Ready to switch up the vibe? Just move the desk to a new position and watch the magic unfold.

With these tech wonders, KPRC 2′s new studio set isn’t just a backdrop; it’s a high-tech playground!📺🚀

Innovative design and forward-thinking flexibility

Behind this door lies the magic! Join us at 6 p.m. on Monday as we swing it open to unveil the all-new, dazzling Studio A set at KPRC 2. (KPRC 2)

Bernice Kearney, the maestro behind the scenes as KPRC 2′s News Director, unveils the vision behind the new studio set—a space designed not just for delivering news but for igniting the flames of creativity and innovation.

“I think the studio is a great playground for innovation,” Kearney remarks, emphasizing the transformative potential of the new set. It’s not merely a stage; it’s a canvas where producers, anchors, reporters, photographers, directors—everyone involved in crafting KPRC 2′s content—can stretch their creative thinking to new heights.”

As Kearney explains, the design process was a meticulous journey focused on one key aspect—flexibility. “When we were working on the design for the studio, it was very important to those of us on that team that it was flexible,” she notes. The goal was to break free from the mold of a typical TV newscast set, creating a space that transcends traditional boundaries.

The new studio isn’t just another stage; it’s a multi-platform hub where content comes to life. Kearney underscores the importance of adapting to the diverse platforms through which KPRC 2 connects with its audience. “It wasn’t just another TV newscast set or space; it was really designed to be used for all the platforms that we provide content for,” she explains.

In essence, KPRC 2′s new studio set is more than a backdrop; it’s a creative haven, a space where ideas come to life, and storytelling takes on new dimensions. 🚀🎥

Beyond the news desk: The authentic essence of KPRC 2′s new studio set

Anticipation is building! We can't wait to unveil our stunning new studio to you. (KPRC 2)

Ever wondered how a new studio set can redefine the way news is delivered? Well, Erica Young, one of KPRC 2′s Executive Producers, explains how our brand-new set is not just a backdrop; it’s a platform for authenticity and storytelling.

When asked about the station’s engagement with its audience and community, Young unveils the philosophy behind the new set: “Our goal with this new set was to show our authenticity. We feel like the days of a traditional newscast and traditional newscasters are long gone. We are real people, who live in this community, who are sharing stories with our neighbors.”

The new set, according to Young, is a space where authenticity takes center stage. It’s not just about delivering the news; it’s about being real and connecting with the viewers on a personal level. “This new set will give us a space to be real and authentic with our viewers. By the way, this is our philosophy for all things. It’s not just the new set. We are stretching ourselves in all areas, and we hope the audience is noticing that,” she adds.

But how does the new studio set elevate our storytelling capabilities? Young paints a vivid picture: “Our anchors, reporters, and producers all strive to be great storytellers. This new set will help us reach that goal on a daily basis. From the large monitors to touchscreen technology, we are integrating several new tools into our newscasts with these changes to our studio.”

The integration of cutting-edge tools isn’t just for show; it’s about enhancing the storytelling experience. The weather team gains the ability to track storms from multiple areas of the studio, while the sports team gets more space to play and cover your favorite teams.

As KPRC 2 steps into this new era of broadcasting, the commitment to authenticity and compelling storytelling shines through, and Young is at the helm, steering the ship toward a more engaging and genuine news experience for you, the viewers.

Cutting-edge features of KPRC 2′s upcoming studio set unveiled

Brian Perry, KPRC 2′s Manager of Streaming & Creative Content, has played a pivotal role in shaping the vision of the upcoming set. This transformative project promises a dynamic and unconventional approach to news broadcasting, with Perry sharing insights into the exciting elements that will define the new studio.

“One of the things that we wanted to do is we wanted to be able to showcase different venues. That’s why we have a lot of video walls,” Perry explains.

The new set boasts a significantly larger cube wall, with two sides dedicated to telling captivating stories. Another noteworthy feature is the corner “Slab,” a non-traditional dimension wall perfect for displaying graphics. A “BFW,” or big feature wall, stands as a 32 by 9 aspect ratio giant, ready to showcase stories and graphics in a visually stunning manner.

Within the weather center, a hundred-inch touchscreen steals the spotlight, allowing meteorologists to interact and present weather updates with a telestrator function for sports. Perry emphasizes the strategic placement of weather workstations behind the cube, providing meteorologists with an efficient workspace to plan forecasts while easily transitioning to on-air presentations.

The studio is equipped with interactive monitors, including a tablet-like display, turning the set into a dynamic space for storytelling. Perry highlights the innovative use of LED panels that can change colors, creating a visually captivating backdrop that adapts to the mood and tone of the content.

Perry expresses excitement as months of planning come to life, stating, “I’ve been involved with it for eight months and this is an exciting time. Seeing our ideas go from the drawing board to the actual construction phase and then completion, was a rewarding experience for all involved. I am very proud of the hard work that the team put into the set and and I am looking forward to the big reveal.”

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