Share: What fears do you have about climate change, the environment?

Climate change and you -- we want to hear your questions, concerns, and what you’re doing

When it comes to our climate, and slowing the catastrophic effects of global warming, there’s so much information, and scientists are still working to learn more as the world continues to change and evolve over time.

Just here to answer our question? Thank you! Scroll down on this page. ⬇️ Some examples: Perhaps trying to use fewer single-use plastics, or maybe driving less.

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But climate change impacts all of us, as we have to live in our rapidly changing world and experience some of the effects first-hand. The consequences of climate change include, among others, intense droughts, water scarcity, severe fires, rising sea levels, flooding, melting polar ice, catastrophic storms and declining biodiversity.

We want to expand and deepen our climate coverage -- but we need your help.

When it comes to reporting locally on the impacts of climate change, your voice could help steer our coverage. Here are some of the things we’d like you to answer, in the forms below:

  • What are you worried about most? Are you concerned for yourself, or do you think about your kids, grandchildren or future generations?
  • Is there a situation in your neighborhood or community that you think we should report on? Do you know of a group taking meaningful action? We’d love to tell that story.
  • Have you taken any steps toward combating these environmental problems?

Thank you for your participation.

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