3 things to know about traveling for 2022 holidays, New Year’s Day

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Unlike the past two years, there doesn’t seem to be the level of restrictions at the moment for traveling, which is good news for those who are heading away from home for the holiday season.

But despite that, there are still some things to keep in mind if you are traveling around the holidays and New Year’s Day.

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Here are three things to know.

Christmas, New Year’s Day being on a Sunday will change travel dynamics

With Christmas and New Year’s Day on a Sunday this year, federal and bank holidays will officially recognize the Christmas Day holiday on Dec. 26 and the New Year’s Day holiday on Jan. 2, both Mondays.

This could mean more people decide to fly on those days, which means they will be busier than what Mondays normally are.

Best travel days

According to The Vacationer, the best days to depart for a holiday trip will be Dec. 18, 19, 20, 24 or 25.

That is in terms of both cheaper airfare and also less crowds at airports. The same goes for best return dates, which are Dec. 28 and Dec. 29.

However, in addition to being best return dates for traveling before Christmas Day, Dec. 28 and 29 also can be the best departing dates for travel elsewhere before New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Flying out on New Year’s Day or Jan. 4 are the best return dates.

Worst travel dates

With both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day on a weekend, the days to avoid traveling are Dec. 22 and 23.

The worst return dates from pre-Christmas travel are Dec. 26 and 27.

For any travel before New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, Dec. 30 and 31 figure to not be ideal days to travel. Trying to return on Jan. 2 will likely be more of a hassle due to crowded airports and high demand for tickets.

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