Talking turkey: Need help? Here’s how to salvage your Thanksgiving with these tips, tricks and a hotline

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HOUSTON – Need help this Thanksgiving?

There is assistance, but you need to know where to look. Use this as your jumping-off point to help get your Thanksgiving on-track, or back on track or save yourself from that inferno in your oven.

If you’re on-track, but aren’t sure.

Use the Butterball’s Turkey Talk Line website. There’s a lot of guidance there on brining, baking, injecting, stuffing and thawing. Also be sure to check out some government safety tips on preparing a holiday turkey.

If you’re off-track and need help now.

Call Butterball’s Turkey Talk Line at 1-800-BUTTERBALL or text 844-877-3456. You can chat with the company’s turkey experts.

If you’ve got an inferno in your oven/stove and you need immediate assistance.

GET OUT, STAY OUT. Call 911. Here’s more. If you have a grease fire, there’s special instructions for that, but get you and your family to safety.

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