Crawfish Fest Battle of the Bands: Meet the contenders!

Battle of the Bands (KPRC 2 / Click2Houston)

HOUSTON – Get ready to rock your socks off at the Eat Like A Local Crawfish Fest Battle of the Bands! With adrenaline-pumping performances and electrifying energy, the stage is set for an epic showdown among some of the most talented musicians in Houston. Mark your calendars for April 13, because this is one event you won’t want to miss!

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Without further ado, let’s introduce the bands who will be competing.

307 Departure (307 Departure)

307 Departure - Formed in 2019, 307 Departure is a dynamic hard rock band featuring Wyoming-born brothers Kellen Moore and Grayson Moore, alongside Houston’s Josh Russell. Drawing inspiration from bands like Alice In Chains and Avenged Sevenfold, their unique style blends hard-hitting rock with melodic undertones, solidifying their presence in the world of hard rock.

Lucid Illusions (Lucid Illusions)

Lucid Illusions - Houston-based blues/punk trio, Lucid Illusions, known for their raw rock sound and energetic stage presence, has shared stages with renowned acts like Papa Roach and Everclear. Awarded Best Local Band by the Houston Chronicle in both 2022 and 2023, their second studio album, “Something New,” released in December 2022, produced radio hits like “Move Along” and “I Don’t Belong Anymore” on 94.5 The Buzz.

Redefining Rescue (Redefining Rescue)

Redefining Rescue - Redefining Rescue, a Houston-based band consisting of Luis Grimaldo, Jordan Cravens, Mark Garner, Austin Serrett, and Jared Knight, is primarily recognized as an Alternative Pop Rock group, showcasing versatility across genres.

The Kiddos (The Kiddos)

The Kiddos - Hailing from Houston, Texas, The Kiddos, an indie pop trio, fuse their diverse musical backgrounds to create nostalgic yet fresh melodies with relatable lyrics. Their infectious energy and seamless blend of talents position them to make waves in the indie pop scene and beyond.

The Samy Jo Band (The Samy Jo Band)

The Samy Jo Band - For over 30 years, the Houston-based The Samy Jo Band has delighted audiences with live performances, covering a diverse range of genres from top 40 hits to classic rock, disco, and beyond. They specialize in delivering dynamic renditions of songs spanning country, pop, blues, 80s, tejano, r&b, 90s, Motown, and funk.

Bradley Fryou (Bradley Fryou)

Bradley Fryou- Formed to fulfill the vision of a songwriter songwriter, Bradley Fryou is now comprised of four skilled musicians eager to share their sound globally. From their debut show with impromptu rehearsals and handwritten notations to the second, where the audience joined in, they’re excited for what lies ahead.

Special performance by Garbage Girlfriend

Get ready to witness these incredible bands battle it out for glory, fame, and the coveted title of Crawfish Fest Battle of the Band champion. So grab your tickets, gather your friends, and get ready to rock ‘n’ roll all night long!

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