Super Bowl 2024 Commercial Showdown: Live ratings and reviews

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HOUSTON – The Super Bowl isn’t just about football; it’s also about the commercials. Every year, advertisers battle it out for the most memorable and impactful commercial spot during the game. As the Super Bowl unfolds, we’ll be here to provide live ratings and reviews of the commercials, giving you a real-time look at which ads are hitting the mark and which ones are falling short.

With the exception of movie trailers and local programming, here are the latest Super Bowl commercials:

Paramount +

Poor Peppa Pig 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Martin Lawrence always brings the laughs.


Judge Judy?!


What do the French like? Cheese!!


Picklebabies 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Bonus points for the Pete Davidson joke!


This whole commercial was so unhinged... and I am here for it!


Are we addicted to our phones?


Anytime Ben Affleck’s Boston accent comes out, I’m sold. J-Lo and Ben are seriously the cutest couple.

Google Pixel

Did you cry? I cried!.. “Three faces in frame.” 🥹



I still can’t get over the fact that they renamed Sierra Mist to Starry.


Can anyone else do a Walken impression?

State Farm

Arnold Schwarzenegger in his best role since Kindergarten Cop

NERDS Gummy Clusters

I already have Nerd on the way thanks to Door Dash!

What Tina Fey are you?

Did anyone else blurt out “Ew, David”? 🤣

Coors Light

There might have been a cheap shot at Corona but it was funny either way.


Next time I have a decision to make, I hope Oreos are in the vicinity!

Is your attachment to Dr. Pepper so strong that you can’t bear to let go of it even when your quarterback is being engulfed by a storm? It just might be in Fanville!

Turbo Tax

Tax season is here.💰 “It’s game time. Are you ready?”


Does anyone else have a sudden need for an “almost champion” ring? Me too. 😂


Tom Brady has won enough. But has he? BetMGM seems to think so!

Mountain Dew

Are they giving us a “Parks & Rec” reunion?? 🤞


Stone Cold and a turtle with a mullet.. 🫣 That’s all I could think about during the Ridge commercial.


Wings are finally at Popeyes! Did anyone catch the self driving car? 👀


Is there a character Chris Pratt hasn’t payed? Though this might’ve been his best performance yet.

Michelob ULTRA

Dan Marino and Messi?! Consider me a Michelob fan!


I can’t be the only one who thought that was pretty clever. And also wondering why I have never made that connection. 🤣

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