Snag a pair of JBL Tune Flex wireless earbuds for only $60

Snag a pair of JBL Tune Flex wireless earbuds for only $60 (via StackCommerce)

Listen up! If you’re still using wired headphones that you have to wrap around your phone in a certain way just for them to work, you’re in need of a serious listening upgrade. Consider these JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition buds with no strings attached — they’re wireless and only $59.99 for an open-box pair (reg. $99.95).

Here’s what your wireless freedom could look like: jamming to music while cooking, cleaning, working out, gardening, dancing, or running errands without a single pesky cord getting in your way. Plus, say goodbye to those tragic moments where the cord gets caught on something, and the buds tear out of your ears!

But we bet that the JBL Tune Flex earbuds are also a major quality upgrade from your existing buds. They have three environmental modes: Active noise canceling, Ambient Aware, and TalkThru, so you can filter background noise in or out depending on where you are and what you’re doing.

They also have that signature JBL Pure Bass sound. If you have one of their speakers, you’re going to love bringing that sound wherever you go. You can also customize the sound within the JBL Headphones app, which can even help you locate the earbuds if you’ve misplaced them!

The most valid argument against wireless devices is that they have to be charged, but the JBL Tune Flex earbuds have 32 hours of battery life with their charging case. For most people, that’s enough to last a few days, at minimum, or around a week, and recharging only takes two hours with the included USB-C cable.

Why are these earbuds 39% less than their retail price? They’re open-box items! These are usually excess inventory from store shelves or customer returns that were shipped back to warehouses, and therefore, their packaging shows some extra signs of handling. However, they go through verification to still be in brand-new condition and get put into clean packaging before arriving at your door.

Tune in to this open-box deal and get JBL Tune Flex earbuds for just $59.99 (reg. $99.95).

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