Upgrade your shower routine with 48% off this towel warmer

Upgrade your shower routine with 48% off this towel warmer (via StackCommerce)

There’s nothing quite like a nice, hot shower. Unfortunately, the warmer the water, the sharper the shock when you finally have to get out. Nobody likes that moment when the air cools off all the moisture on our skin, but there’s now a way to make the transition in comfort. Costway makes an electric drying rack that doubles as a towel warmer, and once you’ve toweled off with a nice, toasty cloth you may never go back to the old routine again.

The design is so simple that when you see it you might wonder why more households don’t have one. The rack is made from elegantly painted iron, treated, and sealed against moisture. At 36″ high, it can hold up to four large towels (or even more if you’re drying washcloths or smaller towels). The unit plugs into any standard outlet and delivers 100 watts of warming power through the coils. The result is a radiant heat that both dries off your towels faster and makes them the perfect temperature to snuggle into when you step out of the tub or shower.

Wet fabric hanging in your bathroom for less time equals less mildew smell, and that’s just one fringe benefit of this rack. The profile is thin enough that it can go almost anywhere, even in smaller bathrooms. It comes with a stand that you can use to store it upright and wall mounts if you want to save even more space. The uses aren’t limited to towels, either: With a load capacity of 10 pounds, you can dry off shirts, socks, pants, robes, or anything else you need to be a little cozier. It’s a great addition to your morning routine.

Right now, you can take 48% off the original MSRP on the Costway Electric Towel Warmer Drying Rack, for a final price of $76.99.

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