You can finally get the office temperature you want with this portable desk heater

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Anyone who’s ever spent time in an office knows there’s one common complaint that unites every worker: The officer is never, ever the right temperature. It seems like you’re either sweltering over your computer or shaking with cold as you try to get through the day — there is no in-between.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Instead, you can regulate your own temperature with this Personal Desk Heater from E.P. Light. While the name suggests it’s only for the chillier months, it actually comes with three different settings so you can blast cold air, low heat, or high heat as you need while you work. Best of all, it’s on sale: Usually retailing for $99, it’s now available for only $88.99. That’s 10% off — no coupons needed!

A personal heater typically conjures the image of something bulky and hard to carry around, but this is a sleek and lightweight device, so you can easily transport it from the office to your home. You can even modify it from a desk lamp to a floor lamp thanks to the detachable strut; the height and angle are adjustable, too. That makes it easy to ensure you’re getting the right amount of warming or cooling air as you use it.

Of course, one major concern people usually have with heaters is that they can cause a fire, and many models have tragically done just that. This desk heater, though, was specifically designed to avoid the threat of flames: It has overheat protection to eliminate fire hazards, so you can feel secure using it all day long.

The reality is that an uncomfortable temperature is going to keep you from doing your best work. In fact, a recent study showed women’s productivity drops with colder office temperatures, according to CBS News. With this device, you get to feel better and work better.

Keep a cozy temperature all year round and buy the Personal Desk Heater for $88.99.

Prices subject to change.

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