It’s not your dog ... it’s in his DNA. Find out why your dog behaves as he does with this kit.

DNA My Dog (via StackCommerce)

As you’re reviewing your list of New Year’s resolutions, you realize there’s one thing that still needs to make the cut, that being “walk the dog more.” This, you recognize, will kill two birds with one stone—burn off that pent-up energy your dog always seems to have, while allowing you to stay fit and enjoy the great outdoors.

Why does your dog have all the extra energy? Are there other habits for which there is no rhyme or reason? Is your dog a howler? A runner? A chewer? Don’t be too quick to chastise your dog for its bad habits. It may be that the pup was born with it. By testing your pooch’s DNA, you may uncover some answers.

Most breeds of dogs were developed to have the drive to do specific things, whether that was to herd, hunt, or work. As our pets, they still retain some of that drive and need a proper outlet for that energy. By knowing the breed of your furry best friend and what he was raised for, it may help you to understand his behavior. Of course, it doesn’t make coping with the issues any easier, but it does offer the chance to design a training program that addresses some of the problems.

If your dog came from a registered breeder, you may be know to your pup’s history. However, many kind-hearted people choose to have rescue dogs as their pets, dogs that could have any mixture of varieties. With the results of this DNA kit not only will you receive a breakdown of its breed, or mixes thereof, but also some insights into any genetic health concerns and risk for certain diseases.

For just $55.99, DNA My Dog will help you do just that. With a simple and painless swab of the cheek, you can mail in your dog’s DNA sample and get results back within two weeks. Not only will get a full report including the above information, but from that you can start to understand your dog better, and even form a stronger bond.

Now grab your coat, put in your earbuds, and get out on that walk and celebrate you and your pup this New Year. Hurry, this promotion ends 1/9/23 at 11:59 pacific time.

Prices subject to change.

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