Work on your golf techniques all winter long with this SLX MicroSim for $130

SLX MicroSim (via StackCommerce)

When winter weather keeps avid golfers off the course, the SLX Golf Simulator is available to help ease the pain.

The SLX MicroSim is a great way to improve your game while you wait for the temperatures to rise and the snow to melt. Simply mount the sensor on your own club and start swinging. Use it indoors at home or the office, or outdoors at the range and, together with the E6 connect software, you can start gauging your club and ball speeds, your spin rates, your launch angles, and more. Rated one of the top five garage simulators on Golf Span and the Top Pick for Golf Simulators Under $500 by, the SLX MicroSim is incredibly affordable and highly accurate. You can play 3D-rendered real-world golf courses in 4K resolution and adjust the settings to simulate various conditions, such as wind speed and green speed.

So instead of sitting at home lamenting the fact that you can’t get out and enjoy your favorite pastime, get this golf simulator and work on improving your handicap. And if you want a little putting practice, this kit will also help while away the time until you can pull out your golf bag, along with all the accessories, and show everyone how you’ve improved.

The perfect gift for duffers and pros alike, during our Last Chance Shipping campaign, you can get this SLX MicroSim for only $129.99, no coupon necessary. As an added bonus, it includes a free SLX Connect App for Android, iOS, and PC, plus we are offering free shipping and a guaranteed Christmas delivery if ordered by December 8th. Please note that the Basic Kit does not come with a Swing Stick.

Prices subject to change.