With a myriad of apps and a host of functions, this is the smartwatch that should be on your wrist.

This device will monitor sleep patterns, your heart rate, your daily activities, and more. (StackCommerce)

Of course, the main point of any watch is to help you keep track of the time. But don’t you think you should get a little bit more out of it? This refurbished Samsung SM Galaxy Smart Watch will do so much more than just keep you from being “the late one.” With a host of health functions and a myriad of apps to select from, your wrist is going to wonder what it did without it.

You may think that smartwatches are a product of the new millennium, and indeed it wasn’t until the turn of the century that these little wonders really took off and appeared on practically every wrist in the nation. But did you know that the first “smartwatch” actually appeared in 1927? It was called the Plus Four Wristlet Route Indicator, and acted as a navigational device that gave driving directions. It cost about $75 in today’s currency—a true bargain, even then! Of course, it didn’t provide anything more than that; certainly not the functions that we have come to expect from our smartwatches today.

Yes, almost 100 years later not only can we get detailed instructions on how to get from point A to point B with a flick of our wrist, but so much more information is available to us through the advent of devices like this Samsung SM Galaxy Smart Watch. This handsome device will monitor sleep patterns, your heart rate, your daily activities, and more. It will allow you to answer calls, receive notifications, and display your schedule for the next 10 hours. With a long battery life, you needn’t worry about running out of juice when you least expect it. It features customizable apps and pairs with both Android and iOS smartphones via Bluetooth connection.

Although it is factory refurbished, note that it is grade “A” listed, meaning it will be triple-checked for quality before shipping and arrive in near-mint condition. This watch sells for over $300 brand new, but you buy this one now for only $149.99. If you’re looking to upgrade, or haven’t yet got on the smartwatch bandwagon, this is your opportunity to enjoy the benefits that smartwatches offer in general, and appreciate the style and features that this one offers in particular.

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