Take your pick of IT certifications with this Linux bootcamp

This particular bundle serves as a study guide for not one but six Linux certification exams. (StackCommerce)

Look around on any job posting site and you’ll see that no matter what the economy, the need for tech workers remains a constant. If you’re on the outside looking in, you might wonder how to take those first steps into the tech sector. The short answer? Get a diverse skill set and a lot of certifications. But if you had to pick just one operating system to be versed in, it would have to be Linux. Luckily, there’s a concise way to learn your way around this open-source OS and train for some essential certifications at the same time: LinuxPath’s 2022 Complete Linux Certification Learning Paths.

There are no shortage of “how-to” videos on Linux out there, but this series of online courses offers a much more focused approach. To start with, every class is taught by the IT experts at LinuxPath. These educators eat, breathe and sleep Linux and they bring years of experience to the curriculum.

This particular bundle serves as a study guide for not one but six Linux certification exams. These are a big first step toward getting hired at any big tech firm, and many companies require certification before they’ll even consider a resume. LinuxPath’s exercises will get you prepped for the primary Linux exams from CompTIA and Red Hat along with four certifications from the Linux Professional Institute.

Every lesson is up to date with the latest Linux protocols, and the skills you learn won’t just help you land the job - they’ll leave you prepared to join any IT team as an asset on day one. The bundle contains 20 hours of instruction in all, and you can access it anytime on any device.

Right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to the full 2022 Linux Learning Paths bundle for $29.99, more than 75% off the original MSRP.

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