7 unique Valentine’s gifts for the person who is hard to buy for

Here are a handful of gift ideas that might not be the go-to-norm, but useful and really cool for Valentine's Day. (Karolina Grabowska via pexels.com.)

Buying the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone is not always easy -- especially when you’ve just spent all your good ideas on Christmas.

And if your person is someone who is already difficult to buy for, that just adds another layer onto the difficult task at hand. We found a handful of gift ideas that might not be the go-to-norm, but they’re useful and so cool for anyone, really.

Here are seven unique gifts:

1. HUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Navigation Display

I actually drove a friend’s car recently that had a heads up display and it was SO. COOL. It feels kind of futuresque. It can project information onto the screen that sits right atop your dash, so you can still keep your eyes on the road while viewing the speed limit, directions or a number of other options.

2. Deep Tissue Massage Gun

If you’ve never tried a massage gun, you are truly missing out. I’m not here to make any health claims, but for myself, personally, this has helped when I’m achy, have tight muscles or I’m sore (and also that time I threw out my back). You can use it nearly anywhere on your body, including your back, arms, neck, glutes, legs and feet.

3. DNA Ancestry Test Kit & Health Plan Voucher

This DNA test isn’t just to fill you in on your family tree (although, it does that, too). It actually uses your unique DNA to provide actionable health plans for your lifestyle and goals. It can help determine how your genetics influence your diet, what are the right food choices for you based on your genetics, the types and intensity of workouts best suited for you, and custom meal plans that are tailored to your macronutrient percentages, gluten sensitivity and more.

4. Guitar lessons

Playing music can be a great way to find an escape from the real world for a moment. These lessons give you access to dozens of lectures and hours upon hours of content, 24/7. And you can pick the time that works best for you. This is great for someone who is just beginning to learn — whether it be to simply learn how to strum or to become a guitar master. There are also a multitude of genres to choose from. If you can find one you enjoy, it will be that much more fun.

5. Dynamic Camera Drone

As someone who owns a drone, I can say it might be one of the coolest things I’ve ever owned. You really don’t have to be an expert to figure out quickly how to use it. You can shoot from different angles, up to half a mile away. The video is a live feed, so you can see exactly what the drone is capturing in real time. One of the coolest features might be that, it this drone knows its take-off point, Sofia it will return and land to the same spot, whether it’s by you tapping “Return to Home,” it loses connection or the battery gets too low.

6. Password Boss Premium

It seems as though we all have dozens of logins for different spaces now. And we’re always hearing that we need to make our passwords different and difficult to crack. The problem is, that makes it difficult for us to remember, too. This password keeper allows you to safely store all of them in one place, locked by one single password. As someone who uses a password keeper, I can tell you that it is an almost invaluable tool to have.

7. Retro TV Style Phone Stand & Bluetooth Speaker

This is truly a brilliant gift for anyone who likes to do anything hands free while being entertained. Maybe it’s cooking while watching an instructional YouTube video, or watching your favorite streaming show while getting ready for work or going out. This can benefit nearly anyone. Plus, it just looks cool, turning your phone into a retrofitted TV. It has a Bluetooth speaker and control knobs for the volume.

If you’re unsure what to get that special someone, we’re betting one of the gifts above will be a perfect fit – and they’re all useful or fun. You can’t go wrong.

If you’ve tried one of these, we’d love to hear how it worked for you! Drop us a line in the comments below.