Take Care of Your Heart: How Advanced Body Scan Can Help Detect Heart Issues

Houston – One of the best things you can do is take a proactive stance on your health – especially your heart. Until the first sign of a heart attack, most people won’t know the conditions of their heart because the symptoms are silent. Even if you feel alright, it’s worth taking a closer look for silent symptoms of an underlying problem.

That’s what Tim Todd did at Advanced Body Scan. Despite eating right and working out, Tim had no idea that the biggest artery in his heart was blocked. Advance Body Scan’s latest technology helped Todd detect early-onset diseases with his heart, and they can help you.

The first 50 callers will receive the ‘Couples Heart and Lung Scan’ for $299. It includes a heart-lung scan, a full radiology report, a calcium scoring test, and a consultation from a medical professional. Click here to schedule your appointment, or call 833-411-7226.

Watch Todd’s story and how Advance Body Scan is dedicated to helping you identify health problems before they manifest in the video above.