What Your Veins Are Telling You about Your Health

Problems with veins are not just a normal sign of aging, it could be telling you something serious

HOUSTON – Dr. Tonie Reincke has a big heart. She really cares for her patients and also, her team at Reincke Vein Center. For Dr. Reincke taking care of people, “It’s everything. It’s my passion...” She told Houston Life.

“Starting from the time that I became a nurse. I was a surgical ICU nurse and then I went back to school and became a physician assistant and worked in neurosurgery. The whole time, patient care was always my my goal. It’s so important to me. And then, I went on to medical school...being able to continue to provide care for patients even at this level, where I do everything in my office...I would say it’s everything.”

Graduating top of her class in her final year of medical school at Wayne State University in Michigan, Dr. Reincke likes to pay it forward especially she faced many challenges growing up.

“I certainly came from humble beginnings. So for me having nothing, growing up, in order to make ends meet, we had to use food stamps. I remember it being a big deal that we moved into a trailer,” she shared with Houston Life.

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At one point as a child, Dr. Reincke and her family were homeless.

“There was a period of time when we were very, very young. And our mom wasn’t around. And she was trying to get some kind of employment money-wise. And I remember moving in at that point with my grandmother,” she told Houston Life.

Ultimately, Dr. Reincke was determined not to let her past limit her future.

“You have to be the person that steps in and says, just because this happened to me, doesn’t mean I’m I’m going to perpetuate that cycle,” she said.

Because of her childhood challenges, Dr. Reincke said she is always looking out for the underdog and she brings this compassion to the patients who visit her clinic. She said on Houston Life that, “it means the world that I can run my own center, and I do things the way that I feel is appropriate.” This includes being very hands on with her patients. “I treat them from start to finish.” Dr. Reincke also gives all her patients her personal cell phone number. “So after hours, or even on weekends, if they do have a concern or a question, they can just reach out to me,” she said.

Problems with Veins are Not Just a Normal Sign of Aging, it Could be Telling You Something Serious About Your Health

Whether you are a woman or a man, it is not necessarily nice to discover an overly pronounced vein that was not there before or see more and more of those squiggly spider veins appearing on your legs. However, your health is more than skin deep. So don’t put these changes, along with things like swollen and achy legs down to the fact that you’re simply getting older.

The way your veins look could be telling you something they could be a sign of vein disease.

Dr. Reincke explained that left untreated, vein disease worsens, possibly leading to open wounds that will not heal, big bulging veins, and changes to your skin that include darkening of the skin. Treating the disease slows its progression.

Which is why it is important for Dr. Reincke that anybody who needs to be treated, can be. “We take all commercial insurance, as well as government plans, and we have cash pricing options as well,” she said.

If you have any concerns when it comes to the health of your veins, check in with Dr. Reincke and let her help you out. She knows a thing or two about caring.

The Reincke Vein Center is in Sugar Land and you can get a free consultation by telling them you heard about them on Houston Life. Their number is 281-394-4446 You can also visit their website at ReinckeVeinCenter.com

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