Huzzah! Behind the scenes: Texas Renaissance Festival

The Texas Renaissance Festival is now underway in Todd Mission, about 55 miles northwest of Houston. Nicknamed the “Texas Ren Fest,” it’s open Saturdays, Sundays and Thanksgiving Friday October 8, 2022 - November 27, 2022.

Friday at 1:00 p.m. on Houston Life, we’re taking you behind the scenes for the final weekend.

Since 1974, the fairgrounds have become a magical escape for thousands of people. Guests can step through the gates and enter an enchanted world filled with kings and queens, knights and nobles, fairies and elves, pirates and peasants, and other fanciful delights.

The Houston Life team spent the day at the Texas Renaissance Festival. They take you behind the scenes to show you how the costumes are made, meet the jousting crew, try the food, and of course do a little shopping!

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The full show: Huzzah!


The Prize Wheel

Of course, we had to meet the King and Queen. Melanie Camp enlisted royalty to help spin the Houston Life Prize Wheel.

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The costumes

If you’ve ever visited the Texas Renaissance Festival, you know the people watching is half the fun. You truly never know what you’ll see -- from the traditional characters of the king and queen to fairies and pirates -- we even had a batman sighting. For the cast here the festival, the outfits really help to bring their characters to life. Lauren Kelly popped into the costuming department to see how they create over 100 handmade costumes every year.


There are more than 400 shops at the Ren Fest. It is also the largest renaissance festival in the United States! Meet the crafts women, behind the glass blowing, blacksmith and other hot shops.

Food, drinks and everything on a stick

Eat, drink and be merry. From turkey legs to beer and wine, we find out what’s new on the menu at Texas Ren Fest.

The Thrill of Jousting

Some of the biggest stars of the show are the jousters. These men bring excitement and pageantry to the arena. And they’re willing to take a hit and fall from a moving horse -- all to please the crowd. Those hits and falls are real, so how -- and why! -- do they do it day after day? Enrique Ramirez met up with the crew to find out.

The Thirsty Pirate

Courtney Zavala and Derrick Shore take you inside a new pub offering tasty food and drinks with a fun atmosphere.

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