Novel ‘Memory Fog’ sheds light on cognitive decline and caregiving

Houston – In the informative yet humorous novel “Memory Fog,” author Cynthia Hoelscher navigates the unknown as a mother-daughter relationship is transformed by the onset of cognitive decline.

“Memory Fog” is set in the fictional Houston neighborhood of Golden Oaks and Oak Forest. With themes of mystery and romance, the story delves into the delicate nature of love, loss, and resilience. Protagonist, Sam grapples with everyday challenges and the responsibility of being a caregiver for her single mother who has developed memory issues.

According to the World Health Organization, 55 million people worldwide suffer from different types of dementia with two-thirds of them being women.

Hoelscher is a lifelong Houstonian and a majority of her book is inspired by iconic Houston locations and the decades she’s spent with her sisters and parents.

Cynthia Hoelscher and her sisters (KPRC TV)

Her father was diagnosed with mild cognitive decline before he passed away in 2012. 10 years later, her mother was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in February 2022.

Cynthia Hoelscher's father (KPRC TV)
Cynthia Hoelscher's mother (KPRC TV)

Because she and her sisters were unprepared for the diagnoses, she thought it was the perfect subject for a novel that would hopefully raise awareness and start the conversation about caregiving and what may be required of people within family units.

Cynthia Hoelscher and family (KPRC TV)

The introduction for “Memory Fog” was written with the help of Carrie Aalberts, a national advocate for the cause and certified dementia practitioner. She works to empower dementia caregivers through resources, education, and support. Keep up with Carrie here on Instagram.

You can purchase “Memory Fog” online on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Target. All proceeds of the book support the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. They work to help women impacted by Alzheimer’s, the families who love them, and the gender-based research that can help millions.

Cynthia Hoelscher on Houston Life for her novel "Memory Fog" (KPRC TV)

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