Great-granddaughter tells the story of Captain Clyde A. Barbour’s impact on the Port of Houston through new novel

Houston – Nancy Potter, author and great-granddaughter of Captain Clyde A. Barbour, is offering readers a glimpse into the extraordinary life of her family history. Titled “Barbours Cut: Beyond the River’s Reach,” Potter’s novel delves deep into the inspiring journey of Captain Barbour whose ambition and entrepreneurship helped transform the landscape of the Port of Houston.

Born in 1874, Clyde A. Barbour was instrumental in the development of Houston, especially the Houston Ship Channel, a portion of which bears his name today, Barbours Cut, and Barbours Terminal. By gathering journals, pictures, and interviews with family members, Potter wrote the narrative of Barbour’s humble beginnings to becoming a steamboat captain, successful businessman, and pioneer of American industry and development.

Captain Clyde A. Barbour (KPRC TV)
Captain Clyde A. Barbour (KPRC TV)

In the novel, 38 years in the making, readers are transported back in time to witness the unfolding drama of Barbour’s life, filled with triumphs and setbacks including family alcoholism, infidelity, jealousy, and many dangerous situations, such as dealing with Mexican revolutionaries.

“Barbours Cut: Beyond the River’s Reach” is available through Nancy’s website. On her page, you can also learn more about her life including her efforts to raise awareness for Epidermolysis Bullosa. A rare skin condition her son has had since he was born.

Potter now resides in Houston. She recently received an honor after Barbour was posthumously inducted into the Texas Transportation Hall of Honor.

Nancy Potter accept posthumous award for Clyde Barbour (KPRC TV)

Barbours Cut terminal remains the longest-standing container terminal at Port Houston. It has been in operation for more than 45 years.

Barbours Cut Terminal (KPRC TV)
Author Nancy Potter on Houston Life (KPRC TV)

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