Houston woman says lasers are helping her hit her 2024 weight loss goals

HOUSTONBrenda Cerrato is using lasers for weight loss and said so far, she has lost 22 pounds in 22 sessions. Houston Life met up with Brenda to find out how Innovative Lasers of Houston is helping her hit her health goals for 2024. Watch the video above.

With help from the team at Innovative Lasers of Houston, Brenda Cerrato said she lost 22 pounds in 22 sessions using laser technology.

“I tried all your diet pills that are out there on the market. I tried fasting. I tried to work out as much as possible. Meaning just a little bit here and there. Walking, maybe ten minutes on the treadmill, if that. By the time ten minutes come up, it was just like, we have to get off,” Cerrato told Houston Life.

For 16 years, Cerrato said she struggled to meet her health goal until she signed up at Innovative Lasers of Houston.

“They helped me to see the potential in me. They have been positive. They keep you motivated. They teach you how to eat healthy and make right choices. About your food, “said Cerrato.

At Innovative Lasers of Houston, they use laser technology to zap fat cells. It is a process they say is pain free and requires no downtime.

Co-founder, Laura Alexis said the laser works by creating “tiny, microscopic tears into the fat cell,” after this the contents of the fat cell is removed from the body through the lymphatic system.

“You don’t feel anything. But the nice thing is, you lay there, and you relax and think of all the happy thoughts of you losing the weight,” said Cerrato.

Along with the laser sessions, clients benefit from a nutritional plan, and regular checkups that help provide support and accountability along the way.

“They provided me kits in order to adjust my recipes to be healthy. They taste amazing,” said Cerrato.

These meal kits did not just help Cerrato with her weight loss journey.

“My husband’s cholesterol and blood pressure is very high. And the exciting thing is, when I learned how to eat healthy…my husband has lost fourteen pounds due to it.”

As a special for Houston Life viewers, Innovative Lasers of Houston are offering 30% off their Transformation Package that is normally $2,400. Plus, if you are one of the first 50 callers, you will get an additional three sessions for free.

Call 281-888-3094 or visit them online at InnovativeLasersofHouston.com.

If you tried everything in the world in the diet section, frozen foods, diet pills… come here. They’ll change your life,” said Cerrato.

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