This Houston-Based Team of Medical Professionals is on a Mission to Turn off Pain

HOUSTON – When you walk through the doors at AK Paine & Spine Center, you are walking into the home of a team of medical professionals who are dedicated to uncovering the source of your pain and turning it off.

Nurse Practitioner Kelsey Duncan loves the work that she gets to do, helping her patients find relief from pain. “It is like being an investigator and really trying to get all the clues to find the right diagnoses, essentially,” she said on Houston Life.

AK Pain & Spine Center is an interventional pain management clinic. “So our goal is to really find the root cause of what is causing the pain and to be able to address those issues, to take the patient out of pain instead of relying on temporary fixes to, you know, numb the pain until it comes back,” explained Duncan.

Dr. Ankur Khosla said his team focus on finding the root cause of a person’s pain. “Our objective is to try and figure out where these people’s pain is actually coming from. Our practice is very different in which we take all the data that they bring to us from other specialists, or if they haven’t gone through that, being able to identify where their pain source is actually coming from and then offer some sophisticated technologies to be able to turn those pain points off.,” he said.

From diagnosis to treatment. This team is collaborating, investigating and working hard to find effective solutions to turn off pain.

“I feel very fulfilled,” Duncan told Houston Life. Describing how on a first visit a patient may limp in to the office, or only be able to walk with a cane or walker. “It brings them to tears to know that they’ve dealt with pain for so long and that they’ve haven’t been able to receive the relief that they were looking for. So for a patient to tell me (after treatment) that they can play with their grandkids, they can go to their aerobics class again, and just wash dishes without pain just makes me sleep well at night,” said Duncan.

As a special for Houston Life viewers AK Pain & Spine center are offering free consultations to the first 25 callers. The number is 281.896.0013. Find out more online at AKPainAndSpine.Com

Follow a behind the scenes look at the AK Pain & Spine Center process with Nurse Practitioner Kelsey Duncan in the video above.

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