The Black Lagoon at Two Headed Dog is just the Place to Enjoy Spirits (in your cocktails) this Halloween

HOUSTON – At Two Headed Dog owner Lindsay Rae and her team are mixing potions to help you with your double, double toil and trouble this spooky season. In the lead up to Halloween and for a few days after gather your boos and ghouls and imbibe in spirit-ed cocktails that are specially curated for The Black Lagoon pop-up.

The Black Lagoon is happening in 18 different cities and three continents...We are one of the locations and we couldn’t be more excited,” said Rae. This international pop-up is a little different to most Halloween interactive experiences. Think premium cocktails and a full two weeks of entertainment. “Every day there’s something new, something different going on. So it’s a full immersive experience. So we took what we feel is like our neighborhood kind of regular cocktail, you know, dive bar, and now we’ve turned it into a full, like, spooky cocktail Explosion,” Rae told Houston Life.”

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Enjoying spooky cocktails for Halloween 🎃 thanks to The Black Lagoon Pip-up at Two Headed Dog (3100 Fannin Street, H-Town)

From the Silent Scream to the Death Rattle to the Hellfire Fizz, there are five specialty cocktails in all that are part of The Black Lagoon at Tow Headed Dog. And, they are delicious! “We’re using fresh juices, reducing our beets, reducing our carrots. So we have, a carrot and turmeric cordial that we make in house. We juice our pineapples, we juice our beets for our Book of Blood Cocktails. So everything’s very, very fresh. Everything’s made with high end kind of spritzes and tinctures and spirits as well.,” explained Rae.

And, if you are steering away from the spirits this Halloween, there are many sophisticated zero proof or non-alcoholic options. “We’re not calling the mocktails anymore,” said Rae explaining that the craft that goes into any alcohol free drink creation is equal to the craft that goes into any of the cocktails that contain alcohol. So zero-proof or NA for non-alcoholic, “that’s the kind of verbiage you want to use,” advised Rae.

With spirits or without, the crafted beverages at Tow Headed Dog are delicious! Check out The Black Lagoon for Halloween in Houston!

Two Headed Dog is at 3100 Fannin Street #115, Houston, TX 77004. They are open Monday-Friday from 5 p.m. until 2 a.m.

Take a look at what to expect in the video above!

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Halloween Fun 👻 Trying the Silent Scream Cocktail from Two Headed Dog on Fannin Street. They are hosting The Black Lagoon for Halloween… spirits (in the cocktails) for all your boos and ghouls!

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