Supporting Local Non Profits is Now as Easy as Flipping on a Light Switch

HOUSTON – With Reliant’s new, Choose to Give, program all you need to do some good is turn on a light.

Reliant Director of Community Relations, Leanne Schneider visited Houston Life to share the details.

“At Reliant, we are invested in the people and communities we serve. Our new program, Choose to Give, is part of our commitment to make power personal and support local communities. We are starting with two plans one benefiting the American Heart Association and the other, the March of Dimes,” said Schneider.

The, Choose to Give program, gives Reliant customers in Texas an easy way to support causes that matter to them. To start you can choose between two plans, one benefiting the American Heart Association and the other, the March of Dimes. When customers enroll in a Choose to Give plan, Reliant will make a $100 contribution up front to their chosen nonprofit. In addition, Reliant will donate an amount equal to 5 percent of the customer’s annual energy charges, making an even bigger difference for the nonprofit’s mission.

“What we love about this is, for the customer, it is as easy as flipping on a light switch to give back to their community. And for our nonprofits, it’s a steady, ongoing flow of revenue rather than a one-time donation,” said Schneider.

Reliant has supported the American Heart Association and the March of Dimes for years. When Reliant customers select the plan supporting the American Heart Association, their energy usage can help raise money for lifesaving medical research and resources for heart failure patients. By selecting a plan that supports March of Dimes, their energy usage helps provide essential care to families throughout their NICU journey. “Many of our employees, including our president Elizabeth Killinger, have been impacted by preterm birth,” said Schneider. Through our Choose to Give plan, customers help provide families with essential baby items, newborn screenings, innovative prematurity research and more.

“In the new year, we have plans to expand the list of partner organizations benefiting from our Choose to Give program, giving Texans more opportunities to make a difference with the electricity plan they choose and supporting a nonprofit they are passionate about,” said Schneider.

Customers enrolled in a Choose to Give plan will also benefit from a fixed energy charge for the length of their term, as well as Reliant’s award-winning 24/7 customer service and support, available online, by phone or via the Reliant app.

Take a look at the video above to hear more about Reliant’s Choose to Give program and learn how Reliant helps support March or Dimes and the American Heart Association do the amazing work they do in the community.

Sign up for one of Reliant’s new Choose to Give electricity plans to support the March of Dimes or American Heart Association find out more at or call 1-866-222-7100.

About the Author

Melanie Camp is a correspondent on KPRC 2’s Houston Life. 

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