Wine and Bar-B-Que pairings perfect for all Rodeo taste buds and price points

HOUSTON – There is no shortage of Bar-B-Que and wine at RodeoHouston, but what’s the best pairing of the two?

If you’re looking for the best wine and BBQ combo, good news: we did the work for you!

Lauren Kelly stopped by the Champion Wine Garden and chatted with one of the experts about some of the different flavors and price points.

Carl Chargois, Superintendent for HLSR International Wine Competition, broke down a few different wines that go well with a red, fatty, salty piece of BBQ. (aka BRISKET!)

These were the three we tried on the show today:

*Bogle Essential Red 2019, 1 bottle - $26

*Elouan Pinot Noir 2020, 1 bottle - $36

*Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2020, 1 bottle - $50

These three bottles will go well with pretty much all the foods, are three different price points, and are all available at HEB.

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