How a Simple Smile Can Change Your Life Melanie Camp Meets the Dentist Making Amazing Transformations

Houston – Ten years into his career, Dr. James Amaning knows first hand how something as simple as fixing a smile can change a life.

“It is such a rush for me when I hear my patients telling me their stories about their life changing experiences after have a new smile and ability to be able to do the things they always wanted to do,” Dr. Amaning told Houston Life correspondent Melanie Camp.

The team at Amazing Dental Solutions know that changing a smile can change a life.

From getting back on the dating scene to going for the job promotion they never felt confident enough to conquer before fixing tooth troubles, people are experiencing how powerful it can be once you commit to being proactive with your tooth health.

Giving patients a natural new smile is part science, and part art. In the lab at Amazing Dental Solutions Andy Rodriguez works every day creating the teeth that will form new smiles and change lives. He works designing new teeth in a high tech computer program using molds and scans taken by Dr. Amaning. Once the new teeth are created, Rodriguez then hand paints the teeth giving them an amazingly natural look.

“It is so important for us as human beings to be social and part of being social is projecting a beautiful smile,” said Rodriguez.

There are benefits to smiling. When you smile your brain has a reaction that helps fight off stress. Plus, a smile is infectious, when you smile, you can help spread happiness by triggering a smile in others.

But, anyone who has struggled with bad teeth knows how much this can limit their smile. Barry Burns experienced this after his teeth troubles led to his front tooth needing to be removed. “I am a grinner and a smiler. I can’t have this front tooth opening, the barn door,” Burns said on Houston Life.

Barry Burns called this look "the barn door" new teeth from Amazing Dental Solutions fixed this for good (Copyright 2023 by KPRC Click2Houston - All rights reserved.)

Burns says his new teeth will give himself the confidence to get up in front of a class and teach but also, “there are fringe benefits,” he said telling the story of how recently he was out riding his Harley and, at the traffic lights, a woman wound down her window and said, “you look so cool sitting there, and that beautiful smile!” Something Burns had not ever heard before his new teeth.

Barry Burns always got a lot out of life but getting a new smile has taken things to the next level (Copyright 2022 by KPRC Click 2 Houston - All Rights Reserved)

“We want to help people create amazing times together,” said Dr. Amaning. Life should not be limited because you have to consider whether you can order a steak when out to dinner or if your dentures are going to stay fixed when you are simply hoping to enjoy a picnic out with the extended family.

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