The University of Houston Help Students Chill Out Before Finals

University of Houston – The University of Houston Student Program Board (SPB) know a cool way to help students chill out before the start of final exams and it is snow cool...literally!

Students enjoyed some fun in two piles of manufactured snow dumped on campus for the SPB’s annual Winter Wonderland. In what has become an annual tradition, the event gives students a chance to have fun and decompress before finals.

The 60 tons of snow spread between two snow piles is created by a company called Ice Express, “...they get regular ice cubes and they put it through this snow machine,” said SPB President Samantha Sadeghi.

Whether dodging a shower of snowballs flying through the air, making snowmen, or snow angels, students appreciated the chance to take a break from study.

“After so much of a semester of being too hot, walking to class sweating, like, sweating out shirts, it’s nice to have some cold,” said Physics and Computer Science student, Frank.

Check out the special Houston Life Snow Report from correspondent Melanie Camp at University of Houston in the video above...

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