Houston mom turns an old school bus into a mobile art studio

HOUSTON – During the pandemic, a local mom from Eastex Jensen came up with a unique way to provide an outlet for creativity in Houston’s diverse communities with little to no access to art.

Her name is Veronica Cabrera-Moreno, owner of HTX Art, who explains the meaningful purpose behind this inspiring project.

Veronica Cabrera-Moreno owner of HTX Art (Veronica Cabrera-Moreno)

“Throughout the years I have painted, volunteered, and organized events for the community. Partnering with local restaurants and helping with existing programs using the arts to serve my neighbors,” said Cabrera-Moreno, a painter, creative educator, and community leader who began to pour more energy and time into her passion as her four kids grew.

Last year, with the help of her family, she transformed an old school bus into a mobile art studio as a way to reach more neighborhoods where art lessons are needed.

“I wasn’t sure how we were going to fund and supply it, but we dove in. With the encouragement of a few friends, I began a GoFundMe and an Amazon Wishlist, and the donations rolled in. Soon, the bus had all the supplies needed to get started and I was even donated a portable sink,” said Cabrera-Moreno.

Since then, she has provided free arts programs to kids of Northside, given out art supplies to kids, delivered art kits to a local elderly and disabled facility on Jensen, organized community efforts to decorate hundreds of bags for Meals on Wheels and so much more.

“I have been able to do this with the support of different nonprofits who see the value in what I am doing and sponsor an 8-week program, a community event, or even an after-school program,” said Cabrera-Moreno, who is known for painting murals around Houston and believes art can unify communities.

“It brings identity and a voice to many who are looking for ways to express themselves. I have seen art as a power to help children grow into confident leaders of tomorrow,” she said.

HTX Art Bus parked on an Eastex Jensen location (Veronica Cabrera-Moreno)

To see Cabrera-Moreno’s complete interview, watch the video above.

To connect with Cabrera-Moreno or for information about the HTX Art Bus, visit her website.

And if you wish to help with more supplies for the art bus, check out her Amazon Wish List, here.

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