How to talk to your kids and avoid scammers in the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl

HOUSTON – With Hurricane Beryl wreaking havoc on July 8, families and communities are left in unpredictable situations. As we focus on tasks in hopes of achieving a sense of normalcy, scammers will take advantage of the situation at your most vulnerable time. So, how do you avoid signs of deception and becoming a victim of fraud while keeping your family safe?

According to Rania Mankarious from Crime Stoppers of Houston, we must stay alert and be skeptical. You can prevent yourself from falling into a scammer’s trap with some of the following tips:

  • Create a list of trusted professionals and agencies who fix roofs or fences before a storm.
  • Do NOT accept anyone’s unsolicited offer of repairing physical damages. Scammers will use this opportunity to play on your emotions and suggest solutions to fix your problem.
  • Be careful of people going door to door pretending to be professionals. For example, contractors are unlikely to walk around your neighborhood and offer services due to high customer demands.
  • Avoid calls that ask for your information. Insurance companies will not verify personal information over the phone.
  • Do NOT believe someone asking to check your yard, especially if you live alone. It could be a tactic to leave the front door open for a potential robbery.

Watch the video above for Mankarious’ full interview with tips on staying safe after a storm.

In addition to protecting yourself, Mankarious shared her expert advice on creating open dialogues with your kids. Kids are resilient and susceptible to feelings and behaviors from adults during a crisis. A conversation beforehand can help children be knowledgeable about an upcoming storm and why parents prepare for it. The conversation might also raise some concerns from the children that adults can answer to alleviate their emotions.

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