‘Good Taste with Tanji’ host Tanji Patton showcases her easy crawfish dip and sips

HOUSTON – Tanji Patton knows great food and great drinks. In fact, she’s made a career out of it! Here television show, ‘Good Taste with Tanji,’ is currently in production for its tenth season and continues to showcase some of the best chefs and restaurants in Texas. Today, she’s talking crawfish.

After a rocky start to this year’s crawfish season, Tanji says “now is the time to indulge.” She also brought a tasty crawfish dip from Guidry’s restaurant in Deer Park.

While Tanji agrees there are many spots to get great crawfish in and around the Houston area, she’s partial to the Guidry’s flavor.

“They’re Cajun so they know what they’re doing,” Tanji says.

For Tanji’s version of a delicious crawfish dip, using plenty of cream cheese, butter, and frozen crawfish, check out our full Houston Life segment.

‘Goodtaste with Tanji’ airs Saturday mornings at 10:30am on KPRC 2.

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